Naked Canvas - Music of the Month

We love clothes here at Naked Canvas. We feel clothes are an expression of ones self and therefore an extension of your personality and style. When we aren't spending time talking to our wonderful customers or browsing new pieces for our upcoming collections we talk about a range of topics ranging from music, relationships and life in general.

Music plays a big part in our lives. We love finding new indie artists and songs that really speak to us. Today we talk about the top 3 songs we have playing in the office. Enjoy!

Mura Masa - What if I go

The song itself is beautiful. The intricate melodies and vocals make us feel a type of way! The video too is full of nostalgia and is just as amazing. Mura Masa has become one of our new favorite music producers.

Childish Gambino - Redbone

To say Childish Gambino is talented would be a disrespect, he is way more than just that! This song displays his vocal range and the piano tones and slow beat makes it a song you can really vibe to!

Nakita - Where Are You 

Why this song only has 100k view, I will never understand. Nakita is highly underrated and this song has really caught our ears.

These are our picks of the week. What do you think of them? Let us know what you are listening to, we would love to hear.