The Next Exchange is Here

Naked Canvas Clothing Exchange

We’ve officially opened the Naked Canvas Clothing Exchange. This is quite simply a group for anyone, men and women, anywhere, to buy, sell, give away, request, trade or just about do anything with a piece of clothing which can be done. Whether you are promoting your clothing business or trying to sell an old skirt, this is the place to do it.

Why have we set this up?


Well, just asking that question puts you on to something. This is far from the first buy/sell group for clothing, nor is it in anyway directly innovative. However, we believe we can reach out to even more people with our philosophy through a Facebook group anyone can benefit from. We don’t want to limit ourselves to used or new clothes, mom’s or dad’s, retro or modern, American or British. We quite simply want to collect it all in one place – the Naked Canvas Clothing Exchange.

“One person’s old and used is another person’s opportunity to start painting their Naked Canvas”

Let’s quite simply get together and put Ebay’s clothing department out of business!

We hope to see your old items get new life through the Naked Canvas Clothing Exchange

Kent VorlandComment