Naked Canvas Clothing Is Officially Open For Business


Our Story


If you’ve had a look at our story, you know why we`ve started our brand and what it`s all about. However, there are months of work ahead of what you’ve seen us launching which no one knows or hears about.

We are very proud to announce that on November 17th we officially launched our new brand - Naked Canvas Clothing. We seek to promote self-expression and body acceptance by fighting societal norms with our hundreds of little canvases, disguised as a label.

Each label is a blank canvas signed “Naked Canvas Clothing,” because we want you to paint the label, in any way you want. Just like our label is a naked canvas for you to paint, as are you for what you wish to wear.

We refuse to let society dip everyone in the same ink, or decide on what strokes of the brush I am allowed and not allowed to take. What you like, what gives you confidence, and what makes you feel good is what you wear.

You are the naked canvas and you paint it exactly how you want it. Whether that`s a cozy hoodie or a pencil skirt is up to you and no one else.

We want our clothes to be an extension of yourself. Feel free to check out our collection and see what canvas most suits you.

Our Promise To You

You may have noticed our range is not as large as we`d like it to be just yet, but we had to start somewhere and we believe the ones we`re offering are stunning pieces at very affordable prices. We are a brand made by our customers, and always will be. Therefore we are happy to reserve pieces, order more of some when we`re out of stock, have a chat with you at any time through our online chat or Facebook page, about your style, dinner, dogs or cats. All we ask is that you keep us posted on what you think of our ranges so we can keep improving, and if you like what you ordered, then we always appreciate referrals. We also want to show off our clothes on actual people and not just during photoshoots, so if you snap one of you wearing one of our pieces, we`ll gladly repost it on our social media channels to show our brand and we encourage everyone to do the same to our channels and #mynakedcanvas.

We want to hear from all of you, so let Brooke know when you’re around and if she can help you with anything she’s more than happy to.