The Harmful, Racist and Destructive Dark Side to Fashion

From size 0 models, fat shaming CEO’s and disgusting lack of diversity, the fashion industry of late has become something of a toxic minefield for women.

It’s something people are only really beginning to realise now, but there are some concerning things going on in fashion that people just don’t pay enough attention to, and we want to talk about it.

Let’s begin…


Size 0

The obsession which lead to a rise in anorexia, eating disorders and the hospitalization of models.

Image of size 0 model

Image of size 0 model


The size 0 is the equivalent to a UK size 2 and at one point was a staple model figure size. Models would try to attain this almost impossibly thin figure so that they were acceptable enough to strut down the catwalk. Now, some young girls may naturally be skinny, but this is a small minority and even then size 0 is way thinner than what you may find naturally.

Unfortunately, natural isn’t always considered beautiful (sigh) and this became the standard for beauty amongst the fashion world, and therefore the target for aspiring models and impressionable young women.

Now how would these models who weren’t a size 0 try to get to this point? The answer was to starve themselves thin. A former Vogue editor spoke about the destructive nature of the size 0 trend and what it did for the mental and physical well being on the catwalk models. A lot of models were being shunned for being too “fat” and kept being pushed to lose weight until they were seen as thin enough. Eating disorders became widespread, anorexia was a major problem too and as a consequence, many young girls wishing to be like these models were following suit.

Nobody wanted to stop it. No-one questioned it at first. A model would lose a few pounds and hear “Wow, you look incredible, have you lost weight?”, the sign of approval would push her to lose some more pounds to hopefully receive more praise and recognition, until there was barely anything left to them.

Thankfully, the damage that this craze was causing came to light and people were calling size 0 to be banned, calling is unhealthy and unattainable

Nowadays, we see more REAL women taking over the scene. Goddesses like Ashley Graham, a size 14-16 model who is totally killing it. You go girl!

image of Ashley Graham on Sports illustrated

image of Ashley Graham on Sports illustrated


Societies' views may have changed to appreciating more “curvy” shaped models and this is certainly being represented more and more in fashion, but there are still some things that just won’t change.


Harmful Fashion

The demise of fashion has been lead by the people behind it. There is a certain disturbing, snotty air around certain brands that have been conditioned by the people who represent the brand. An example:

Mike Jeffries, CEO of Hollister 

Mike Jeffries, CEO of Hollister 

This rather dashing young fellow is Mike Jeffries, CEO of Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Here is Mike Jeffries talking about how he HATES fat chicks.

Mike says that he doesn’t want just anyone shopping at his store. No, he wants fit, sexy people who look like they are going to jump onto a surfboard (not paraphrasing).

It’s strange that Mike has excluded himself from his own shops but his attitude is one shared by quite a few big figures in fashion. They feel like if someone they don’t deem to be attractive is wearing their product, it somehow devalues it.

It’s an insidious curse but can be seen if you look closely enough. Some brands don’t offer anything over a size 14, what are they trying to say?

The best way to combat it, is to call people like Mike Jeffries out on their bullsh*t. Make decisions with your wallet, that’s what will hurt them most.



Again - sigh... It’s sad to say that fashion, if anything, is not very inclusive. This can be seen very evidently by the lack of diversity in the fashion world. As can be seen from the article, data from over 300 women’s fashion shows saw that at least 77% of the models were white!

Given that a lot of the trends in fashion are taken from other cultures. It’s sad to see that people who represent these other cultures, aren’t being represented!

The amount of skin lightening, blackface and cultural appropriation is quite astonishing. It makes women of colour around the globe feel like they aren’t good enough to represent themselves.

Overall, this just scratches the surface of the true horror behind the draped curtains.

We hate exclusion, body shaming and the unrealistic expectations of women set by a lot of these labels. Feel free to have a look at our collection or read our story.

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