Naked Canvas Clothing is the result of a lifelong aspiration to address and interrogate the way modern society forces unrealistic and often impossible expectations for appearance - expectations that young people have to navigate every day.  

We don`t want anyone to be limited by societal expectations. Rather, we hope to inspire people to create their own expectations, decide on their own faith, and paint their own future. Hence, our name “Naked Canvas” as we hope those who wear our clothes will consider themselves just that: a naked, blank canvas, with a world of possibilities at a brush stroke.

Wearing Naked Canvas Clothing, you can paint your path as you see it. We want to take it a step further, to make the painting more permanent, all of our labels and logo will be shaped as a canvas signed by Naked Canvas Clothing.

When you receive a piece from NCC, take a moment to think of what you want YOUR label to say. Will you write the name of your dream job, the love of your life, or perhaps your very own clothing brand you would like to start someday? You could paint a picture or add a smiley face! You could have someone you care about write you a message, or gift a piece to someone with a message from yourself. No matter what you choose to do with your naked canvas, we want you to remember your inspiring message to yourself or someone else!

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